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What’s Up Orange County, CA with Inbound Marketing

Services and SEO Roadmap?

inbound marketing servicesToday, customers are much more empowered because of the Internet.  Inbound Marketing allows you to be visible online, attract your clients to your page and boost sales conversion. The goal is to become the solution provider for your prospect’s pain.  To understand and address your customer’s pain, we help you to create an inbound marketing strategy with a clear SEO Roadmap.  Our SEO Roadmap helps budget-conscious businesses become comfortable in navigating and managing their own in-house SEO team.  When it comes to inbound marketing services, Jacklyn Flowers is your digital marketing resource.

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Today, prospects crave information and that’s why we encourage companies to develop a marketing strategy to educate, inform, and delight their prospective customers.  Turning your prospects into customers with an inbound nurturing lead approach becomes crucial to your overall goals and objectives.  Essentially, you are creating a funnel to help lead your prospects through the buying decision process.  Content marketing is definitely an important part of the inbound marketing strategy. Grow your business organically.  Let’s take a look at a few content strategies…

Blogging Helps to Nurture Inbound Content for Buyers

Blogging is a very powerful resource to answer the how, what, where, who for key prospects.  Remember, your prospects are searching the Internet for answers to their pain. Blogging also is a way for prospects to better understand your company’s offerings and keep your existing customers educated and informed.  Nurture your buyers by crafting, publishing and distributing great content.   It’s all about your buyers and how you can use inbound marketing to solve their pain.  As a result, you become the experts to their solution. Inbound marketing is a way to nurture your leads.

What to Incorporate Educational Platforms in Your Marketing Strategy?

Prospects want to learn more from you.  How do you do this? Incorporate into your inbound marketing strategy educational videos with helpful tips, webinars, white pages, case studies, etc.  You want to become the authoritative figure in your niche.  Times have changed. Today, the world of Internet has shifted from the seller to buyer.  Use your knowledge and expertise in your business to power walk them through the process.

The Effects of Inbound Tactics and Email Marketing

Keep your customers informed about eventful information.  In the email marketing stage, use email to effectively communicate and connect with your customers. Email marketing is a very cost-effective tactic. It creates brand awareness, improves customer relations, it’s measurable, and you can tailor your messages to a specific customer database when developing an email campaign.

Social Media Marketing and B2B Inbound Marketing Services

Social media is good for every business of all kinds, ranging from small to large, the mom and pop shops to the mega giants such as Starbucks, Wal-Mart, and Apple Computers.  Why? Social media allows you to use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to generate online exposure to showcase your products and services.  What is powerful about social media marketing is the opportunity for companies to have access to data and monitoring tools.  It allows them to listen and interact with their customers and build a community. Social media creates a key measurement for companies to solve customer issues and stay competitive.  It is an attractive avenue for generating leads, creating an online presence and driving customer loyalty when you incorporate an inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is meant to be flexible because you are always measuring, optimizing, and tweaking to ensure you get the results and generate qualified inbound leads.

You know it. A shift has taken place in our world and inbound marketing helps you get attention, give value, gain trust, and grow your influence.  Inbound Marketing sets you apart from the rest!

Questions about lead generation and nurturing your customers through inbound marketing services? Ask away!